Guided Cooking frees your mind

Your attention is in demand

“So, today was my performance review…”

“Guess what happened at school today?”

Why is it always just before dinner that your family members feel the urge to share? Your partner needs to blow off steam about work; your teenage son is unusually talkative. If you ask them to give you a moment while you get dinner sorted, the chances are you’ll miss the opportunity to connect with them. But it’s hard to keep your attention on the conversation while following a recipe in a book. Either you’ll skip an ingredient or you’ll miss an emotional cue.

Some recipes require less attention

You may have a few recipes in your repertoire that have become second nature to you. Ever noticed how you can carry on a conversation while making your signature pasta sauce? Your hands and brain have developed the muscle memory to make the recipe on autopilot. You don’t need to double-check quantities or instructions, you have those memorised. Also, an experienced cook can take one look at a recipe to get the general idea and then, like a professional musician, improvise on the theme without losing a beat. But what if you aren’t a proficient cook? Or if you want to try a new challenging recipe, without chasing everyone out of your kitchen?

We have your back

When you cook from Cookidoo® recipes, you can relax about multitasking. Guided Cooking frees your mind so you can focus on what you care about at that moment. Whether you want to follow a podcast or sip a glass of wine with friends, the helpful on-screen instructions keep you on track. Your assistant in the kitchen will make sure your recipe is a success, even if you get interrupted by a good story. So load up a recipe from Cookidoo®, gather your ingredients, and enjoy both the cooking process and the company in the kitchen.